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Untangling bullying is hard - finally, an approach with a very high success rate.

Cooperative Conflict Coaching is a three-step-process that allows you and your clients to not only end their bullying, but also develop tools to help them with tricky situations in the future (and lighten your workload in the process!)

For mental health professionals including school counsellors, social workers, psychologists, psychotherapists, and, school counsellors, who know that bullying is one of the toughest challenges facing our children today.

The problem with bullying

The problem with the way most adults deal with bullying is that they insist on taking charge. Once you’ve got teachers, principles, and parents involved, there’s no room left for the voice of the child.

Since you work one-on-one with children, you know how much wisdom, empathy and insight can come from them — even the youngest of them.

And in our experience, it’s the child who holds the key to ending the bullying situation, because they’re the one who understands the dynamic between themselves and the aggressor, and they’re the only one who truly knows the kind of solution that feels best to them.

Cooperative Conflict Coaching

I’m Kathleen — the founder of
Third Way.

Cooperative Conflict Coaching is my tried and tested method for resolving bullying incidents fast and permanently. It’s designed in a way that puts the child (whether the victim or the aggressor) at the centre of the solution.

I’ve developed my CCC methodology after decades of studying bullying in the academic world, working as a teacher and camp counsellor, and working with schools and families as an anti-bullying specialist.


Where’s your PhD?

You might have noticed that I don’t have
Dr. in front of my name. This decision was intentional.

When I studied bullying, aggression and peacemaking in my Master’s degree, my main priority was to find a solution that would help me solve any bullying incident. There’s a lot of research being done on bullying, but much of it gets stuck in research and theory, and never makes it out to the world. I happened to stumble across a solution - what is now my CCC program - and knew (as an empath) that I wanted to start solving bullying straight away.

Having seen first-hand how devastating and far-reaching the effects of bullying can be, I knew there were children, siblings, parents, teachers, and entire communities that were suffering because they lacked the tools to truly put a stop to bullying, and I wanted to do something about it.

So, when it was time for my schooling, I wrestled with whether I’d pursue a PhD, or become a mediator. Mediation seemed like the quickest way to get to work solving bullying situations and training people on methods I knew worked every time. And in the end, I chose mediation. I’ve always been a fan of action over theory, and as you’ll see, my numbers speak for themselves.

Case, solved


My success rate for improving or resolving bullying incidents is 100%. I’ve helped hundreds of families resolve bullying cases in children from kindergarten to the twelfth grade. I have 45 recent case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of my anti-bullying methods in detail.

I’ve used Cooperative Conflict Coaching thousands of times in my career, always by listening to the child first, understanding what they need and want from the situation, and engineering a solution that helps everyone involved.

"I highly recommend the Cooperative Conflict Coaching Certification Program. The training days were fun and Kathleen created a warm space where we were able to learn and connect easily. The content of the training was informative, and the teaching methods made it very engaging. I really loved the opportunities for hands-on practice and reflective learning. This training offered a clear framework for how to practically implement this process into my work as a therapist, and I can say that it has improved my work with clients. A great investment in yourself and your business! I’m so glad I signed up for this."  — Jennifer Horrocks, Psychotherapist

Become Cooperative Conflict Coaching Certified


We offer 2 day Cooperative Conflict Coaching workshops for school counsellors, social workers, psychologists, and psychotherapists, held every quarter. These workshops will help you get to the root of any bullying incident, and know how to resolve the situation quickly, and confidently. They’ll help you work with students (both victims and aggressors), parents, teachers, and administrators, to reach a peaceful resolution for everyone.

Duration: 2 days (14 hours)
Cost: $800 per person

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Sensitivity Training for Facilitators

This 2-day training will set schools up for success to run their own Sensitivity Training program. Sensitivity Training is a program for students in grade 6-12. Students who are bullying, or who are showing aggression to resolve their issues can be referred to this 1.5-hour program. Students have the chance to explore their reasons for their choice in behaviour, the impact of their actions, and take time to make amends. The training includes at least 1 administrator from each school for a ½ day, and then a minimum of 2 staff Sensitivity Training leads from each school. This program is trauma informed, and is based in Restorative Justice and other conflict management philosophies. Training includes a training manual, the PPTs and handouts for the program.

Contact Kathleen to learn more

Anti-Bullying Program Trainings for Mental Health Professionals, Counsellors & Support Staff

CCC Pre-Training – Administrators and Counsellors

This 1.5 hour long workshop steps counsellors and administrators through the CCC process. Through storytelling, Kathleen teaches the participants each step of the CCC process. 

This workshop does not lead to becoming CCC certified, but allows all school decision-makers to understand the concept and its impact on the school culture. After this workshop, participants may sign up to be properly certified in the process. 

If you work within a school system, I highly recommend your administrators and guidance counsellors also do this workshop. It will prepare the school to accept alternative forms of resolving bullying, and will give them the information they need to consult with parents on this method of conflict resolution. (1.5 hours)

Cooperative Conflict Coaching Certification Program

This 2-day training steps participants through a deep dive into the CCC process.  The CCC process takes the person targeted in a bullying situation and makes them the active problem solver.

This training program is reflective and interactive - participants will not only learn the CCC process, but take time to practice the methods required in the process. Participants will be required to join a 1-hour group training program 1.5 to 2 months after the training, and complete 2 successful CCC processes with students to be properly certified.

This certification program is geared towards those in a counselling job, although teachers and administrators may apply to attend too. Please contact Kathleen Hilchey for the application process. (2 days – 7 hours each day)


Feel hopeful for the first time in a long time, with the right tools you can get to the bottom of it.

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