Get to the Bottom of Bullying

It starts with you

How do you handle conflict in your own life? Do you have a tendency to power over by becoming defensive and aggressive? Or do you tend to power under by shying away from the problem?

If you have kids or work with kids, it’s important to know that they learn how to handle conflict by watching us handle our own, and by the ways we guide them through the conflict they experience. So - it’s important that we learn the tools to do conflict well.

But as adults, we can also learn the tools and knowledge we need to teach children how to handle their difficult conflict situations. With the right training, even those of us who have doubts about our conflict management abilities can quickly become strong, kind, and capable at managing conflict, and helping children do the same.


Who is this for?

Strong & Kind Monthly is designed for parents, educators, social workers, administrators, and more. It’s for adults who have or work with children in any capacity, and who want to help children and teens better manage conflict.

Most of us didn’t learn conflict management skills growing up at home. We didn’t learn them at school, or at teacher’s college, or even on the job. But the good news is that as adults, we can learn how to manage conflict, and doing so can make an enormous difference to our own relationships, and to the children and teens who look to us for guidance.

“When you avoid conflict to make peace with other people, you start a war within.” — Brené Brown

What’s inside?

Learning vault

When you sign up for Strong & Kind Monthly, you’ll get access to a vault of conflict management training materials and resources, allowing you to learn and skill up at your own pace. Every month, we’ll release a new video to the collection. You’ll learn about conflict management from all angles, with topics such as:

  • Cell Phones in the Classroom: The hidden conflict
  • Fight Back or Ignore: The two worst suggestions to give kids (and what to say instead)
  • Stop Yelling or Shrinking in Conflict: Find your strong & kind voice instead
  • What Kinds of Environments Fertilize Bullying?
  • How Do I Cool Myself Down in Conflict So I Can be Strong and Kind?
  • What To Do When My Kid Is Bullied in Front Of Me
  • Why punishment won’t fix bullying

Community forum
As part of your membership, you’ll also have access to our community forum, where you can comment and connect on each training video, discuss the theory, workshop individual conflict situations, and weigh in on important interpersonal issues with like-minded adults.

Every month, members get direct access to Kathleen during her Q&A sessions. Ask Kathleen about course materials, particular situations you’re dealing with, and more.

Membership Pricing


Annual: $199/yr ($239.88 value)

*Special Founders’ Price*
Our first 100 members will receive a special Founders’ Price discount.

Monthly: $14.99

Annual: $149 ($179.88 value)

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Licence Deal:

$500 per school/year

Become Strong & Kind

Join Strong & Kind Monthly today, and learn the skills you need to smoothly manage conflict in your own life, and get the tools to help the children and teens in your life develop their own set of conflict management abilities.


Feel hopeful for the first time in a long time, with the right tools you can get to the bottom of it.

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