Get to the Bottom of Bullying

Are you in the middle of a bullying situation?

If you or someone you care about is suffering through bullying, it can feel like it will never end. But even though it feels this way, I’m here to show you that it can end — and it can end fast.

It’s not your fault

The most important thing to know is that it’s not your fault. Although it feels like it, the root cause of bullying isn’t personal — it’s psychological. And with the right tools, you can get to the bottom of it quickly and permanently.

I know this because I’m a former teacher and camp counsellor, and I’ve seen bullying from all angles. I am a qualified mediator and I have a Masters in Education from Brock University, where I focused on aggression, bullying, and peacebuilding techniques, and I’ve spent 20 years working with youth — both formally, in the classroom, and directly through my work in conflict and bullying. My mix of formal study and real work as a teacher in both indoor and outdoor settings prepared me for the work I do with kids, families, teachers and administrators today: helping them understand, resolve, and prevent conflict and bullying situations.

In a few short videos, you’ll learn:

  • How and why your current bullying situation started
  • The root cause of all bullying incidents
  • How most bullying “solutions” are surface-level fixes for surface-level behaviours (but bullying always has a deeper root cause)
  • Why some methods of dealing with bullying can fail for years, while others succeed almost instantly
  • Why some people never get bullied
  • The story of Ben, and how his situation led me to develop my Cooperative Conflict Coaching solutions
  • How to identify your conflict resolution style
  • How to develop a new response to bullying (your strong and kind voice)

My bullying solutions have a 100% success rate

As a parent, a sibling, a former teacher and a conflict specialist, I know what bullying looks like from all angles. I’ve spent a decade as a teacher in the Ontario school system, and several years studying aggression, bullying and peacebuilding techniques in an academic setting.

Through my studies and my work with hundreds of families and educators around the world, I’ve developed simple tools and frameworks that bring an end to bullying, every single time.


Feel hopeful for the first time in a long time, with the right tools you can get to the bottom of it.

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