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About Kathleen

As a parent, a sibling, a former teacher and a conflict specialist, I know what bullying looks like from all angles, and I know the ripple effect it creates through families, schools, and communities. I’ve spent a decade as a teacher in the Ontario school system, and several years studying aggression, bullying and peacebuilding techniques in an academic setting.

Through my studies and my work with families and educators around the world, I’ve developed simple tools and frameworks that resolve conflicts and bring an end to bullying.

Why I started Third Way Conflict Specialists

Both my mom and my brother were severely bullied during their school years, and as a child growing up in a home affected by bullying, I saw just how devastating — and far-reaching — bullying can be.

I’m often asked about whether I’ve been bullied myself, and the answer is no, not really. I’m fortunate to not have experienced something that so many children and teens do experience at some time in their lives, but as an anti-bullying coach and specialist, this is something I use to my clients’ advantage. Although I’ve seen bullying up close, I’m not personally triggered by the stories and situations I deal with daily, which means I can work with my clients’ strongest emotions and deepest fears, without letting my own emotions interfere.


I studied the Concurrent Education program at Queen’s University. I have a Masters in Education from Brock University, where I focused on aggression, bullying, and peacebuilding techniques. I also hold a Certificate of Conflict Management from Conrad Grebel College at the University of Waterloo, and I’m an accredited General Mediator.

Even though I’ve studied bullying in academic settings for a long time, I believe in action over theory, and results over research. That’s why I’ve developed the frameworks I use today, because I saw that they got results every time (and quickly). Unlike most of the anti-bullying strategies out there, my approach to bullying has a 100% success rate of improving or ending bullying relationships.


I’ve spent more than ten years as a teacher in Ontario’s public school system. During my time as a teacher, I worked with both elementary and secondary school students, and was always working to make school a more positive place for everyone. I’m a vocal advocate for inclusive spaces, which has led to real institutional change for indigenous and LGBTQ+ students. I also helped to change the way my school handled bullying, encouraging a restorative rather than a punitive response.

In addition to teaching inside the classroom, I’ve also spent a decade in outdoor education, and travelled all over the world while doing it. I’ve worked with at-risk youth in Nunavut, learned about sustainability in Kenya, and worked with underprivileged youth in the Tim Horton Children's Foundation's Youth Leadership Program and at the Brantford Boys and Girl Clubs.

My experience as a teacher is an invaluable asset when it comes to coaching other teachers and educators. It also allows me to help families navigate complex school bullying cases. To get a lasting solution, my work often involves not only dealing with my client’s child and the child who is bullying, but also guiding teachers and administrators to respond differently in the future.


Feel hopeful for the first time in a long time, with the right tools you can get to the bottom of it.

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