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Camp Training Workshops

We know that staff camp training is a crucial time - it sets the tone for you community and gives the tools necessary to your team to keep campers safe and happy.

Third Way Conflict Specialists wants to help you develop the social and emotional skills of your staff so that they can meet the needs of your campers and protect their own mental health at the same time.

Workshops can be live, virtual, or in-person.  

How to Handle Our Hardest Campers

This is a stand-alone workshop - 1 to 1.5 hours

We know these campers all-too-well.  They can be explosive, sullen, tearful, or refuse to participate.  How is it possible to handle them AND provide a good experience for the other campers in the group? 

Kathleen will help you make sense of these campers, and give you concrete tools to work with them. By combining restorative justice and conflict coaching practices you will learn how to help these campers feel calmer, understood, and, find ways to engage them with the group in a positive way.




Strong & Kind Certified Staff Workshops

These workshops can be purchased together (5 workshops + certifications for staff) OR purchased individually.  Each workshop is 30-45 minutes of content, and includes activities or reflections.


Workshop: Big Messy Feelings: Stop Sweeping Them Under the Rug

  • Will help staff face homesickness, loneliness, grief, sorrow, and just “those campers” who cry all the time! 
  • Kleenex Box-Toolbox model to help staff find a way to handle those feelings more effectively. 
  • Emotional Validation tools – how to sit with big feelings so they can process.


Staff learning post workshop:

  • Activity: Emotional Validation practice with co-workers & validating peers throughout the day.
  • Reflection: Share feelings around validation and experiences.



Workshop: Happy Campers: A Proactive Approach for Those With Exceptionalities  

  • Give some understanding to what many diagnoses mean – ADHD, ASD, ODD, Sensory Issues, Anxiety, and Depression and explore dysregulation (and why we see it with these challenges).
  • Highlight high-issue areas/environments for campers with exceptionalities: Transitions, new experiences, busy/loud/demanding activities and environments, social cues, etc.
  • Teach camp-specific tools to mitigate many of these issues for all types of campers: Mindfulness, movement, sensory-soothing tools, posting schedules, etc.


Staff learning post-workshop:

  • Activity - Staff will work on their Mental Health Toolkit section on their own dysregulation experiences and tools.
  • Reflection – Staff will share (if comfortable) with co-counsellors what tools they need when they start feeling overwhelmed.


Workshop: The Unexpected Outbursts: Handling Trauma & Triggers

  • Create an understanding of ACES and the collective trauma of Covid-19.
  • Go over 4 trauma responses (fight, flight, freeze, fawn) – brain and body reactivity
  • Staff will learn simple ways to support a camper while they are triggered, and what to do to help them soothe their nervous system with simple body movements.  


Staff learning post-workshop:

  • Activity: Staff will fill out their Mental Health toolkit Trauma section – their own triggers, responses, and soothing strategies
  • Group Reflection: If comfortable, staff will share with their co-counsellors their triggers and what they need for support from their co-workers in those moments.


Workshop: Dealing with Differences: Third Way Conflict Management

  • Staff will learn a simple Three Ways to Conflict Model to pinpoint issues as they arise and diagnose why they are continuing.
  • We will dig into why some people create conflict, and how to help them.
  • We will learn about how and why these conflicts can slip into harassment and bullying, and some strategies for when they do. 


Staff Learning Post-Workshop

  • Finding their own Strong & Kind voice: Staff will explore their OWN responses to conflict and find an effective strong & kind voice to use with campers.
  • Approachability Statement: Staff will fill out an approachability statement and share with co-workers how they would like to be approached in conflict.


Workshop: Healing the Feelings: Closing the Loop After Conflict

In this session staff will learn:

  • A simple problem-solving method to help campers or staff find resolution apart from the other person. 
  • Strategies on how to bring people in conflict together to have hard conversations.
  • A framework to help their campers apologize deeply when harm has been done. 
  • Why some campers won’t apologize, and what to do in these moments!


Staff Learning Post-Workshop:

  • Activity: Staff will use the apology format to write an apology note to someone they didn’t apologize to (or, didn’t apologize deeply to). 
  • Reflection: They will have a chance to explore the feelings that might be popping up (defensiveness, shame, relief, etc.)




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