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Strong & Kind (School Year)

Learning vault
When you sign up for Strong & Kind Monthly, you’ll get access to a vault of conflict management training materials and resources, allowing you to learn and skill up at your own pace. Every month, we’ll release a new video to the collection. You’ll learn about conflict management from all angles, with topics such as:

  • Cell Phones in the Classroom: The hidden conflict
  • Fight Back or Ignore: The two worst suggestions to give kids (and what to say instead)
  • Stop Yelling or Shrinking in Conflict: Find your strong & kind voice instead
  • What Kinds of Environments Fertilize Bullying? 
  • How Do I Cool Myself Down in Conflict So I Can be Strong and Kind?
  • What To Do When My Kid Is Bullied in Front Of Me
  • Why punishment won’t fix bullying